Rentech PPS750 Portable Power Station – 500W / 786Wh Portable Power Pack

R8,900.00 Including VAT

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The new Rentech PPS750 Portable Power Station – 500W / 786Wh now added UPS functionality* and 2 high-speed USB Type-C outputs.

The new Rentech PPS750 Portable Power Station

Experience power on–the–go with the new lightweight and compact PPS750 Portable Power Station – 500W / 786Wh from Rentech.

With its advanced 786Wh Lithium-Ion battery technology, the 500W pure sine wave inverter provides a powerful but lightweight energy solution.

18 month warranty period
The PPS750 powers most electronic devices such as TV’s, Laptops, Wifi, smartphones, lamps and camping fridges. (not suitable to power a large domestic fridge and freezer)
2 Pure Sine Wave AC outlets (2x 230V)
2 USB outputs
2 DC outputs (12V / 60W)
2 High-speed USB Type-C outputs (2X 20V)
2 Adapter plugs
The PPS750 Portable power supply is silent and environmentally friendly
It is safe to use inside the Home or Office
The PPS750 is perfect as back-up power during load shedding or unplanned power outages
The PPS750 portable power supply is Compact and lightweight (7.5kg)
Re-charge the PPS750 using the AC outlet, car charger or Solar panel (not included) which makes it perfect for outdoor use
AC wall charging in 7-10 hours
It has advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology
Built in solar charge controller
UPS functionality*
The versatile PPS750 Rentech is just the portable power station you need for Home or Outdoors
*If the unit remains connected and charging to AC indefinitely you might run the risk of overcharging the the battery. If there is no load-shedding or an expected power outage it is advisable to remove the unit from charge once the light goes green on the AC charger pack. If the unit is kept on charge indefinitely the unit will switch itself off.



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