Rentech 51.2V 50 Ah Rack-Mounted Lithium-Ion Battery (2.56kWh)

R16,400.00 Including VAT

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This Rentech 51.2V 50 Ah Rack-Mounted Lithium-Ion Battery (2.56kWh)

This series of rack-mounted Lithium-ion batteries are designed for the solar / backup power market. This series combines safe and reliable LFP prismatic cells with dedicated BMS to guarantee high reliability, safety and scalability.

This product can be installed in a 19” or 21” standard cabinet or rack.

The expected cycle life for these batteries when installed, operated and maintained as per the manual are as follows:

At 80% DoD, 6000 cycles
At 90% DoD, 5000 cycles
It is very important to properly fully charge the battery after initial installation and leave it on charge without a load on for a couple of hours to ensure the BMS had a chance to balance the cells BEFORE you start using the battery.

It is also important to ensure that the battery is regularly fully charged and cells allowed to balance and not only operate it in partial state of charge mode for extended periods.



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